About Us


BP Global Finance is an innovation-oriented financial service provider, and with advanced proprietary technology based on internet and mobile terminal, we provide all of our clients including individual investors, import and export enterprises and hedge funds with transaction services involving foreign exchange, precious metal and stock index and other financial services, and have accumulated rich experience across marketplaces. BP Global Finance formally entered Asia-Pacific markets and set up a consultancy center in Shanghai in 2015, providing counseling and training relating to trading platforms and trading techniques for investors. By far, we also have branches in provinces such as Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Yunnan with more than a hundred employees. Backed by full support of the parent company and many years’ experience in operation, we believe that we can provide high-value and sincere services for all of our investors and partners.

Our platform uses straight-through processing system, with quotations from over 20 major banks and institutions and its liquidity is ample; the orders are auto-matched based on price-time priority rule because we have no dealing desk, so all investors have equal trading rights. Our platform holds neutrality principle, so we have no interest in conflicting with traders. Stable and agile trading platform and multiple central servers assure fast and efficient execution of the traders’ orders.

Our company has specialized IT-supporting departments, financial research institutes and teaching staff, providing guidance for clients with respects to macro-research, fundamental analysis, trading techniques and multiple accounts management; 24-hour multilingual customer services free you from worries for your transactions.