Straight-through processing system

Advantages of the straight-through processing system:

✔ Low spread
✔ Extremely low slippage rate
✔ No dealing desk, avoiding artificial manipulation
✔ Speedy execution
✔ Very competitive prices
✔ Streaming real-time executive quotation

Transaction mode of straight-through processing

BP Global Finance uses the transaction mode of straight-through processing which is proved to be the optimal mode in the market and is also known as no-dealing-desk mode, thus avoiding artificial interference and repeated quotations and providing stable transaction execution. Through our best market practices, the clients can get the competitive spread and transparent quotation. Each individual transaction entered by the client takes no back-end processing, but rather enters into a group of large global banks and liquidity providers in real time, so it is executed at the exchange rates in the inter-bank foreign exchange market through match-making. BP Global Finance provides multiple technology-enabled entrances to banks, enabling the traders have access to high-quality streaming real-time quotations of nearly 30 pairs of global currencies from over 20 liquidity providers and trade at very competitive prices with highly stable and reliable execution.

Very competitive prices

Through our highly transparent and fair prices, the clients can trade at a low cost through our price match-making network. We don’t monitor the entry orders, stop loss orders and limit orders executed by clients, so we have no interest in conflicting with the traders.

Moreover, the transaction mode of straight-through processing provided by BP Global Finance can optimize the processes of STP transaction by means of monitoring the largest liquidity, seeking an optimal price and reducing the market impact. Through this mode, you can even set different modes for placing orders according to different trading strategies. In the meanwhile, you can execute and view all your transactions according to valid liquidity from any single-user interface.