BPG MT4 Platform


MT4 platform has become a standard feature of the industry, through which a variety of financial products can be traded. MT4 program segment applies order-based system, allowing traders to have several positions (including reverse positions) for one trade category. You can set protective stop-loss and stop-profit limit for each open order. Each position order will be charged for separate holding costs. The amount of holding cost depends on the trading volume and instructions.

BGP MT4 trading software is authorized by the famous software company-MetaQuotes, and is optimized based on the domestic investors’ characteristics. It has stable server, powerful chart analysis function, friendly user interface with several embedded technical analysis indicator and customizable operating environment, supporting EA transaction and back-test. The platform supports many types of trade orders: market price, limit buy order, limit sell order, added limit buy order, added limit sell order, fixed stop loss, track stop loss, stop-profit limit order etc.; The platform also supports chart trading transaction, and provides high quality and fast news analysis, bringing huge competitive advantage for your transactions.